Your satisfaction with our products and our service is one of the top priorities at naturaquell®.

That is why you can depend on receiving customer-friendly support and comprehensive service. Regardless of whether you have questions about maintenance, ordering consumables or in case of complaints, the competent naturaquell® service team is at your disposal – naturally also after your purchase.


Service –
easy to perform

Technical high-quality units and reliable, competent and fast customer service are the ratings we have received from our customers for more than 25 years. With the naturaquell® service offering you can always be sure that you will be able to use an optimally functioning and reliably serviced unit for many years.

Filter subscription –
an uninterrupted supply

To always ensure access to fresh and natural water, naturaquell® offers you a practical filter subscription. With this you will be continuously supplied and, if desired, automatically receive a new high-performance filter at regular intervals.

naturaquell® reminds you that it is time to change filters. Of course, we will also gladly dispose of your old filter for you.

Customer Service –
we are always here for you!

In the past, our customers' suggestions and wishes have resulted in better service that is even more customer-friendly.

If you should ever happen to have problems, naturaquell® will, of course, help you quickly and readily. Simply contact our customer service — they will be happy to assist you.

Connection – General references

With all naturaquell water processing units, you can process your tap water simply and economically. All you need is a connection to the mains water network and you always have clean and biologically valuable water at your disposal for many years to come.

All naturaquell water processing devices feature an inlet- and outlet hose. In addition the naturaquell COMFORT under counter unit features an ancillary pure water connection hose, which connects the unit to the 3/2“- way- fitting (warm-, cold- and pure water) or to the single fitting as separate pure water tap as well. The device is connected to the mains supply via the water inlet hose, the water outlet hose leads to the wastewater connection. The so-called “Rentat” or concentrate (waste water with the filtered out constituents) is discharged via the waste water hose.

In the PUROLUX-unit, the processed water is stored in a tank. With the naturaquell direct-flow-units, the freshly processed water is taken directly from the respective taps.

As standard, all naturaquell units are equipped with all key components for connecting to a free device port, as also required for connection of a dishwasher or washing machine for example (water shut-off valve with non-return valve and available siphon connection).

For die port expansion (you no longer have a free port available) port adapters with various connection components are available upon request.
Example: If you already have a dishwasher or washing machine connected, you can easily adapt and expand these connections (water supply as well as waste water connection) with the naturaquell connection-set AII/B.

Please indicate the requirement of these most frequently used connection sets when placing your order.

For questions concerning installation, please contact our naturaquell service team at +49 7821 98238-13.

Maintenance and service by naturaquell in-house service staff

For all naturaquell devices, the exchange of consumables can be carried out by oneself according to the instructions in the device manuals.

The naturaquell ACITVE und COMFORT units feature a so-called dialogue operating system, which automatically displays the required change of the consumption elements and device function references.

This unique dialogue operating system prevents blanket- and timed maintenance intervals which are not imperative. For all further services as well as for the exchange of consumables, the following services are available.

In-house service naturaquell with pickup- and delivery service (Germany only)

For in-house maintenance and device service by naturaquell (Friesenheim / Baden facility) we offer our economic pickup- and delivery service via parcel service:

For pickup and return transport (DPD parcel service) to any address within Germany we will only charge the cost price of 30.- €.

If you would like to use our reasonable pickup and delivery service, call us at +49 7821 98238-0 or send an e-mail to

For reasons of transport safety and insurance liability, the devices must be shipped in its original packaging. Should the packaging be no longer available, you can request the same using the above mentioned contact data.