Water is the most important and healthiest fluid for the human body — if it is natural and pure. In order to always have access to water that meets these requirements, the naturaquell® products provide the highest quality for every purpose.

Regardless of whether you simply use it for drinking or to prepare coffee, tea, spritzers or food, with naturaquell® ACTIVE and naturaquell® COMFORT you can be certain to always have high-quality water that has been purified of undesirable substances.

Application range

Water purification - health at the focus

Normally, the human body requires 2 to 3 litres of liquid a day. In our daily lives, we drink water; we cook with it, and prepare other drinks, such as coffee, tea or mixed drinks with it. Make a decision in this context with regard to the quality of your water and select the simple, safe and effective way to purify your water yourself. naturaquell® gives you and your family the opportunity to always be able to drink healthy and natural water.

Water purification - vitality in focus

Especially in situations involving increased load (= exercise), the human body requires an adequate supply of liquid. But not only that: cell regeneration and the elasticity of the skin profit from an adequate supply of liquid. This is particularly true when one offers specially purified, high-quality, natural water that promotes the excretion of waste products.

Therefore, provide your customers with the possibility of remaining fit, vital and — with healthy water — also active, young and healthy.


Water purification - kitchens in focus

Our most frequent contact with food and drink takes place in our kitchens. It's very practical to be able to fulfil your customer's wish for healthy, natural water directly when he or she buys a new kitchen. Provide your customer with comprehensive service for the naturaquell® COMFORT unit. From consultation up to installation you can thus lay the cornerstone for uncomplicated and rapid water purification.

The provision of direct integration of the undercounter unit naturaquell® COMFORT in modern kitchens also provides you with the possibility of making your kitchen studio stand out in the crowd of customary studios. This is good for your health-conscious customer and also good for you.

Water purification — patients with an advantage

An adequate supply of uncontaminated  water contributes greatly to human health because only natural water can fulfil its functions in the body (supplying the organs and cells, detoxification, temperature and metabolic regulation) really well. Whether in classical or natural healing medicine, water is not only an appropriate supplement to the treatment methods, but it also functions in prevention and in the maintenance of human health. Therefore, give your patients the possibility of drinking high-quality, purified water in your practice.

Water purification - for all-embracing support 

Natural water promotes human health . Additionally, the magnetic revitalisation according to Aschoff is refreshing and energizing. Give your patients the opportunity to drink pure and revitalizing water that is in accordance with nature. This naturalness and nativeness provides you and your patients with the benefits of a near-natural treatment which is in harmony with the human body.


Water purification - the health supplement

In order to support the body in the performance of its tasks in the best possible way the consumption of particularly high-quality water is recommended in addition to healthy nutrition. This is because water that is free of contaminants precludes strain on the organism and is hence especially advantageous for human health.

Provide your customers with the opportunity to increase the quality of their all-embracing, healthy nutrition with this beneficial plus.