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Rhine River-Series
Rhine River-Series

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Water is the most important and healthiest fluid for the human body — if it is natural and pure. In order to always have access to water that meets these requirements, the naturaquell® products provide the highest quality for every purpose.

Regardless of whether you simply use it for drinking or to prepare coffee, tea, spritzers or food, with naturaquell® ACTIVE and naturaquell® COMFORT you can be certain to always have high-quality water that has been purified of undesirable substances.


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Naturaquell® - the healthy choice

As one of the first companies in Germany, Naturaquell® (formerly GWG) committed itself to provide you with healthy, natural water, which is completely beneficial for your body.

As our customer you profit twofold from this: on the one hand, from the efficient and reliable filter systems for domestic drinking water purification in which the most recent medical, naturopathic and technological knowledge have been united; on the other hand, from our excellent, fast and competent service. Take advantage of more than 25 years of experience and competence of naturaquell® Friesenheim and get immediate access to natural, healthy water, purified by a premium class filter system, at any time.