Time and time again, undesirable substances from agriculture, industry, households and hospitals have been detected in our drinking water.

To obviate negative constituent substances, more than the customary methods of water purification is obviously necessary. For reasons of cost, there are no really efficient methods of water filtration in many sewage treatment plants.

The responsibility therefore lies in the private sector. Drinking water purification systems which are based on the principle of reverse osmosis provide you with the possibility of purifying tap water rapidly and simply to biologically valuable water.

Reverse osmosis – the proven process

One of the most effective and reliable techniques for drinking water purification is reverse osmosis. It filters the contaminants in water to a high degree. For example, 100% of all viruses and bacteria are eliminated.

Reverse osmosis is a purely physical process, i.e. no chemicals are added for water purification. As a consequence, this natural process is absolutely harmless for both the human body and the environment.

In this process, a semi permeable synthetic membrane is used to clean the water.

The water to be filtered is pressed at high pressure against this membrane, whose pores are so minute that only the smallest particles in the unfiltered water can pass through it, i.e. the pure water molecules. All other substances dissolved in the water accumulate on the membrane's exterior and are eliminated via the waste water.

Depending on the design, up to 95% of the inorganic substances such as heavy metals (lead, cadmium, mercury, etc.), mineral substances (sodium, sulphate, nitrate, etc.) are "filtered out" and organic contaminants and microorganisms (viruses, bacteria and pyrogens) are removed up to 100%. This process also occurs in living cells and is thus virtually ideal for the purification of water for human consumption.

Revitalisation – the natural benefit

In order to return water to its original naturalness, "only" removing the undesirable substances from the water is insufficient. It must also be energetically enhanced again.

In nature water is a substance that exhibits a magnetic force. However, its continuous movement through our clarification and pipe systems results in a loss of this energy. Consequently, the water in our pipes no longer corresponds to natural spring water in its physical structure.

In addition, if one proceeds on the assumption that water functions as a memory bearer, our drinking water is filled with interference information. It has also entered our water via the continuous path through our pipe lines. By aligning the water molecules in their original magnetic state, this extraneous information is eliminated.

Under consideration of this aspect, Dr. Aschoff developed a magnetic component which again aligns the water molecules appropriately to the earth's magnetic field. In the process, the elementary particles rotate around their own axis due to the magnetic force and thus create minute electric currents and magnetic fields. The water's natural energy has been returned and the undesirable information, "erased". The water can again exert its positive effect on the body.