The Naturaquell Main River series water purifier uses reverse osmosis filtration (physical method). The purified water is fresher, healthier and safer than barrel water. It can effectively remove calcium, magnesium, bacteria, organic compounds, inorganic compounds, heavy metals, etc. from water. You can drink it directly or after cooking. Scales no longer form in boilers or electric heaters. The use of pure water for cooking, tea or coffee making, etc. is more hygienic and tastier. Pure water can be used in small household appliances such as humidifiers, steam irons and beauty appliances. Ice cubes are crystal clear and odourless when pure water is used.

1. Full body design, smaller size

2. The integrated disposable filter element simplifies replacement and prevents secondary contamination

3. External booster pump makes water and electricity separate, safer to use

4.The 75G Dow RO membrane features higher performance

5. John Guest quick coupling and PE pipe as well as lead-free tapping ensure the quality of the entire machine

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