Naturaquell water purifiers utilize the reverse osmosis filtration method (physical method) to remove calcium, magnesium, bacteria, organic matter, inorganic matter, metal ions, radioactive substances, etc. from water. The pure water produced by this unit is fresher, more hygienic and safer than bottled water. It can be drunk directly or after boiling. Scales will no longer form in kettles, etc. Using pure water for cooking, tea- or coffee making, etc. is more hygienic and much tastier. Limescale in small household appliances, such as humidifiers, steam irons and beauty equipment are a thing of the past. Ice-cubes will be crystal clear and odorless when using pure water.

  1. Automatic flushing, fresh water everyday
  2. No storage tank, contemporary and well-designed, no waiting for active water
  3. Various safety features
  4. Intelligent flow rate control, water- and power saving
  5. Dual RO membranes plus 4-stage filtration, water purity up to 99.9%
TDS value < 2000 ppm Number of Filters 4 stage filtration
Iron content < 0.3 ppm Water output 200GPD
Hardness < 15GPG Water storage tank NA
Hydrogen, Manganese < 0.05 ppm Faucet Single tap, 3/2 Way Tap
Turbidity < 1 NTU RO Dual TFM membranes
Inlet pressure > 2 bar NSF certificate No ANSI/NSF-58
PH value 3 - 11 Size(cm) Main system: D40*W44*H12
  • Water pre-flushing, ensures freshness
  • RO membrane, good quality and fast production
  • One-touch energy saving mode, power saving
  • Error self- check, safe and reliable
  • Under counter or wall mounting options
  • Filter maintenance notification to ensure safety
  • Leak protection inside