The water purifier utilizes reverse osmosis technology to treat tap water from the potable water network. After the 4-stage purification, microorganisms (overall bacterial count, overall coliform and fecal coliform), inorganic matter (arsenic As3+), cadmium, chromium, fluoride, lead, nitrate (nitrogen) and organic matter (carbon tetrachloride、trichloromethane) can be effectively removed from tap water. The microorganism index, as well as the elimination efficiency of inorganic and organic matter, meets the standard requirements of hygienic safety and the functional evaluation of water quality processors applied for drinking water. (2001).

  1. Electric diagram (see tab Function principle)
  2. Initial set-up description
    After initially connecting the device to the power outlet, all single-color indicator lights flash and the buzzer rings. Then the device enters into the normal stand-by mode.
  3. Water production function
    The system is operational (fault-free). As soon as the high-pressure switch detects a lack of water pressure in the tank, the system enters into water production mode.
    Water production mode: The inlet’s solenoid valve opens, the pump opens.
  4. Overflow function
    If the high-pressure switch is off during normal operation, the system will enter in overflow status.
    Overflow status: close the inlet’s solenoid valve and flush solenoid valve.
  5. Flushing function
    Flushing is an effective way to extend the lifespan of RO membranes. The machine defines four kinds of flushing modes to warrantee the lifespan of RO membranes.
  6. Water shortage protection function
    When the raw water pressure is lower than the set value of the low-pressure switch, the system will enter into the water shortage status.  The red “Operation/Error” light will flash 7 times. Once the low-pressure switch is closed during the water shortage status, the water shortage alarm will disappear.

    Note: If the water shortage alarm is activated in the flushing mode, the system will not continue flushing until the water deficiency error is eliminated. It will re-enter flushing mode once the ambient conditions are met.
  7. Leakage protection function
    As soon as the leakage detection board detects leaking water, water production will be stopped by default, the red “Operation/Error” light will flash and the buzzer will sound to notify users of the water leaks.

    Note: When the leakage alarm sounds, stop water production.
  8. Deep penetrating germicidal UV -function
    Curbs bacterial growth in pressure tank and kills bacteria in the pipes. Whether the UV– function component is turned or not, the UV germicide light will remain on.
  9. Quality warning function
    If the quality indicator light is green, the water quality is good and can be drunk normally. Although the orange indicator light signifies a quality warning, drinking the water is still unproblematic. If the indicator light is red, the water is deteriorated and the machine will stop water production.
  10. Button and display function
    “Select” button: Press the “select” button to enter the filter selection function. Press the “select” button briefly to shift between CTO, PP, RO and T33. The selected filter will flash. If no buttons are pressed within 10 seconds, the settings will be terminated.

    “Reset” button: When a filter is selected, press the “reset” button for 3 seconds and the lifespan of the selected filter will be reset, in the meantime, the next filter stage will be selected. Once the lifespan for the 4th filter stage is reset, the filter selection mode will be exited. If no buttons are pressed within 10 seconds, the settings will be terminated.
    When no error warning occurs, the green light will flash if the device is started normally, commencing in normal operation. (Note: the “Select” and “Reset” buttons are located on the display board on the front of the unit.
  11. Protection after 6-hour water production
    After producing water for 6 consecutive hours, the machine will enter the overhaul mode. The “Operation/Error” light will flash 5 times, and the buzzer will sound 5 times with 3 second intervals and all functions will be shut down.
    After re-starting the unit, the error status is negated.
Model No. YCZ-CB12-M035 type Pump Booster
Inlet pressure 0.10MPa~0.40MPa Working pressure 0.4MPa~0.6MPa
Nominal total flow 1.3m³ Flow rate 0.2L/min
Nominal power 36W Suitable temperature 5℃~38℃
Electric shock protection type III type Nominal voltage 24V
Inlet quality Civic tap water Environment humidity ≤90%
Gross weight 15.8kg Net weight 13.2kg
Box size 662*362*582 Product size 250*310*400Main body

Filter change period

  • Sediment: about 3-6 months 
  • Activated carbon: about 6-12 months
  • RO membrane: about 24-36 months
  1. This RO water purifier is suitable for the potable water network.
  2. Use in combination with our company’s pipeline unit to achieve best results. It adapts to the installation place and has a very pleasing appearance.
  3. Waste water can be used for washing or discharged. It is not recommended for drinking.
  4. When first opening the goose neck faucet of this RO water purifier or on replacement of the compound filter and the 4th stage post activated carbon filter, black residue in the water is quite normal. You merely need to flush until water is clear before you can drink it (The first two tanks and two barrels of water are recommended to be discarded).
  5. When you use the RO water purifier for the first time, TDS test data may be high, but it won’t affect use.
  6. If the power supply is damaged, it must be repaired by professional staff. Users must not handle or replace it on their own.
  7. If the unit is not used for a long time, please shut off power and close water valves.
  8. Please remember to shut off power prior to repair.
  9. Please don’t dismantle parts or components of the unit in case of water leaks. This may damage the unit.
  10. Please handle with care during transport, handling and installation.