Water purifier AWWD-4000 – Domestic Environmental System

The AWWD-4000 vertical water dispenser (or water purification terminal) filters raw water (physical method) via the reverse osmosis filtration method and produces hot & cold pure drinking water for private and commercial use without the need of additives. The dispenser’s reverse osmosis filtration technology eliminates calcium, magnesium, bacteria, organic matter, inorganic matter, metal ions, radioactive substances, etc. from water. The purified water is fresher, more hygienic and safer than bottled water. The dispenser is equipped with a heater element, a refrigeration compressor, cold & hot water outlets, as well as a child- resistant lever. Using pure water for tea- and coffee making and cooking is better tasting more hygienic.
Limescale in small household appliances, such as humidifiers, steam irons and beauty equipment are a thing of the past. Ice-cubes will be crystal clear and odorless when using pure water.

  • Imported in original packaging
  • Use of anti-bacterial materials, curbs bacterial growth for 10 years
  • RO filtration system, eliminates scales, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses and bad odors
  • Patented luxury exterior design, elegant body, perfect combination with modern home decoration
  • Automatic adjustment of water level, prolongs machine life
  • Unique child-resistant lever for hot water tap
  • Cold, hot, and room temperature water available at same time, meets different drinking habits (only for certain units)
  • Cold water capacity 3.4L(4-12°, hot water capacity 1.6L (70-90°)
  • Independent hot / cold power switches, safe and power saving
  • Triple protection, 100% safe
  • Two leak sensors, inlet valve closes automatically when detecting water leaks
  • Double overflow protection, mechanical and electronic ball float valves shut off water automatically when full
  • Overheat protection switches the power off automatically when the temperature is too hot
  • External heating circuit, 100% safe, eliminating risk of electrical leaks
TDS value < 2000 ppm Number of filters 4 stage filtration, booster pump inside
Iron content < 0.3 ppm Water output 50 GPD/75GPD
Hardness < 15GPG Water storage Cold water 3.4L, hot water 1.6L
Hydrogen, Manganese < 0.05 ppm Faucet Child-resistant lever, Korean spring-type outlet
Turbidity < 1 NTU Power 450W
Inlet pressure > 2 bar Structure Vertical cabinet type
PH value 3 - 11 Size(cm) D36*W28*H110
Tank: W20*H50

* If inlet conditions exceed the above data, installation of pre-treatment equipment is recommended.

Filter replacement cycle:

  • Sediment filter: About 3-6 months
  • Active carbon: About 6-12 months
  • RO membrane: About 24-36 months

(Exact replacement time should depend on actual water consumption and local water conditions

  1. Required inlet temperature: 4-45°, indoor use only
  2. Required inlet pressure: 0.2-0.4MPa, pressurized valve or pressure reducing valve must be installed if pressure limitations are exceeded or fall short
  3. Allow for a five-hole socket and floor drain at installation place (only for units with booster pump)