The pre-filters of the Naturaquell NQ premium filter systems for domestic water purification feature a food-grade, and self-cleaning, stainless steel 304-alloy-filter cartridge, turbo backwash, and a body completely made of Acetal resin. They can effectively remove impurities like sand, rust flakes, scales, particles, etc. from public mains water, underground wells, factories and mining companies, relieve bad odors and prevent bacterial proliferation.

  1. Premium copper valve head
  2. Shockproof pressure gauge
  3. 10-fold turbo backwash, impurities drop off instantly
  4. Food-grade stainless steel filter cartridge , no replacement required
  5. Self-cleaning filter cartridge to remove dirt
  6. Durable Acetal resin shell
Product size Width195×Depth160×Height432 Working temperature 5-30℃
Vessel material Acetalic resin Working weight (approx.) 2.7kg
Flow rate 4.5t/h Valve inlet/outlet size 1 inch
Nominal total flow Regular cleaning of filter cartridge Drain pipe size 12mm
Filtration rating 89 micron Minimum ground clearance 200mm
Maximum working pressure 125psi Minimum distance from wall 200mm
Recommended working pressure 0.15-1.0Mpa    
  • Installation anywhere between water gauge and first water outlet
  • Indoor use recommended. Protect from freezing and sunlight if used outdoors
  • Inlet temperature: standard tap water, temperature 5-30°, not for hot water use
  • Inlet pressure:0.15-1.0Mpa recommended, otherwise booster pump or pressure reducing valve required
  • Allow for sufficient space between product bottom and floor
  • Floor drain preferable at place of installation to allow for sewage to drain during backwash, otherwise a receiver tank is required
  • Backwash to be conducted at least once a month, to prevent impurities depositing on the filter cartridge
  • Installation of a bypass pipe if possible