The AWFT022 is an economic, efficient and reliable impurity filter. It can be widely used for water from public water supply systems, underground wells, factories, mining companies, etc. The filter can initially remove sand, rust flakes, scale, particles, slime and suspended solids, and effectively reduce contamination such as rust, turbidity, and bacteria proliferation in water pipes. Furthermore, it protects water utilizing household appliances such as washing machines, water kettles, dish washers, coffee machines as well as in-floor heating and central air conditioning systems.

With the combination of two cleaning stages, the AWFT022 deploys advanced technologies: turbo jet and high-speed tangential flow rate. This method allows for efficient and thorough cleaning of both the filter cartridge and filter body. By turning the top green knob clockwise, the cleaning process is started and the turbo jet flushing system and high-speed discharge valve activated. Opening the discharge valve creates a tangential high-speed flow rate, which together with the brushes inside the filter body, removes impurities accumulated at the bottom and outside of the filter cartridge. The AWFT022 is equipped with a 360°adjustable connection plate made of brass, resistant to mechanical stress and tensions which usually lead to failure of the plastic heads. The adjustable connection plate also allows for maximum flexibility during installation.

Siphon discharge valve
Siphon discharge valve
Brushes with silver inserts
Brushes with silver inserts
Wiper-type self-cleaning filter bowl
Wiper-type self-cleaning filter bowl
Fine processed male thread
Fine processed male thread

  1. 360°adjustable brass connection plate
  2. Suitable for cold water 5-30°
  3. Shell made entirely of Acetal resin, resistant to high pressure and corrosion
  4. Backwash, professional two-step cleaning
  5. Equipped with 89 micron stainless steel filter cartridge
  6. Resistant to high temperature and pressure
  7. Filter cartridge requires replacement, brushes in filter body
  8. Siphon-type backwash discharge
  9. Manufactured in Italy
Unit Connection
Flow rate
Pressure gauge Pressure
Filtration rating
Inlet temperature
Filter cartridge Height*Width*Depth
FT022 1 4.5 NA 1.5-10 89 5-30 stainless steel 400*179*136
FT026 1.5 6.0 NA 1.5-10 89 5-30 stainless steel 500*198*136
  1. Required inlet temperature: 5-30°, indoor use only.
  2. Required inlet pressure: 1.5-16Bar, pressurized valve or pressure reducing valve must be installed if pressure limitations are exceeded or fall short.
  3. Allow for a five-hole socket and floor drain at installation place (Power supply reserved for fully-automatic unit)