Naturaquell water softeners feature a luxury cabinet design in which the brine tank is built in, and are of excellent workmanship. The ion exchange technology can effectively eliminate 99% of calcium and magnesium ions in water, reducing water hardness and eliminating thermonatrite. Due to the high oxygen content in soft water lithiasis can be prevented and heart and kidney burdens relieved. Using soft water for washing and bathing the skin becomes smooth and tender and clothes are fluffy, as clean as new and without residual detergent. It also protects appliances such as floor heating, central air conditioning, water purification equipment, water heaters, washing machines, etc. The NQ series water softeners have a full touch-control LCD display and aerospace valve materials, eliminating metal pollution to protect your health.

  1. Manufactured in Germany, professional manufacturing, quality assurance
  2. 10-fold ultra-strong exchange capacity, quality water without scales
  3. Food-grade, environmental-friendly resin tank, ensures healthy water
  4. Large flow rate bypass valve, more flexible to switch
  5. Aerospace materials, full LCD touch-control, intelligent operation
  6. Dry tank technology, preventing water deterioration
  7. 4-grade protection, long lasting
Product size Width300×Depth500×Height1200 Working temperature 5-30℃
Regeneration control Time and flow rate Absolute humidity 80%
Production cycle 10t (100ppm) Resin loading 30L
Working flow rate 3.0t/h Valve inlet/outlet size 1 inch
Working voltage DC12V Drain pipe size 7/16 inch
Maximum working pressure 0.5MPa Minimum distance from wall 200mm
Recommended working pressure 0.2-0.4Mpa    
  1. Required inlet temperature: 5-30°, indoor use only
  2. Required inlet pressure: 0.2-0.4MPa, pressurized valve or pressure reducing valve must be installed if pressure limitations are exceeded or fall short
  3. Allow for a five-hole socket and floor drain at installation place (Power supply reserved for fully-automatic unit)