The central water softener of the Naturaquell Main River series uses traditional ion exchange technology, in which sodium ions are exchanged for resin with calcium and magnesium ions in the water to remove scale and reduce water hardness. Compared to tap water, soft water has an overt taste and flavor. It has a high oxygen content and reduced acidity. This it can effectively prevent lithiasis, reduce heart and kidney strain, and is health-promoting. Soft water protects the skin, especially from infants, when used for bathing, hair- and face washing. Beauty, hairdressing and skin care products can also be used to achieve better results. Clothing becomes cleaner and fluffier without harmful detergent residues when washed in soft water. This way, clothing lasts 15% longer. Soft water keeps the dishes flawless and removes residue from tubs and washbasins, thus saving a lot of detergents.

1. Innovative design and trendy appearance, more than 20% smaller than traditional water softeners

2. Aerospace grade FRP housing, high stability, resistant to high and low temperature

3. Intelligent full-touch screen control valve, easy to operate, with 72h power- cut memory restore function

4. Due to the dry tank technology, water quality deterioration caused by long-term water storage is completely eliminated

5. Upflow regeneration technology, saving water and salt

6. Imported Rohm & Hars food-grade resin for highly efficient removal of calcium and magnesium ions in water

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