The AWSCAB-10409 water softener uses traditional ion exchange technology. Ions on the resin will absorb calcium and magnesium ions in water, removing scales and reducing water hardness. Compared with tap water, soft water has a high oxygen content and low hardness. Thus it can prevent lithiasis and relieve heart and kidney burdens. Soft water protects the skin, especially in infants, if used for bathing, hair- and face washing. Achieve better results in beauty and skin care and make your investment in beauty pay off. Clothing will be cleaner and fluffier without adverse odors of residual detergents, thus clothing will last 15% longer. Soft water leaves dishes spotless and eliminates residuals in tubs and wash basins, thus saving a lot of detergents.

The AWSCAB-10409 water softener features a cabinet design in which control system, brine tank and all components are integrated. The softener is stylish and of exquisite in workmanship. Easy to install, dismantle and move owing to its compact size. The elegant cabinet design easily blends in with your home furnishings and can be installed in living rooms, bathrooms or kitchens.

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The combined down flow and up flow resin regeneration technology. Traditional water softeners only feature the down flow regeneration technology, i.e. water flows through the resin bed in one direction. Although softening results are achieved, factors such as water pressure and flow rate may lead to incomplete softening. However, even more profound is that no water reaches the bottom of the resin bed. The up flow regeneration technology solves this problem. Water flows up from the bottom through the resin bed. With this up- and down flow technology the saturated absorption of the resin is ensured and softening results are noticeable. During the entire process regeneration and rinsing are more effective. This saves water, power and material consumption.

  1. Imported in original packaging
  2. Lifetime warranty for control valve, electronic board, resin tank, brine tank, and resin
  3. Dow 2000 pellet-type ion exchange resin, ultra-strong exchange capacity, long lasting
  4. Valve made of Noryl (2) special material, wear-free
  5. Resin tank made of pressure- and shock resistant polyethylene, food-grade sanitary standard, safe to use
  6. Intelligent time and flow rate dual-controlled valve, automatic rinse and regeneration, saving water, power and salt, nine fully-programmable settings, four programmable settings for immediate regeneration, up to 280 data sets, 24-hour memory reset function in case of power failure to ensure user parameters aren’t lost. (CI series only)
  7. All units equipped with high-flow bypass valves, easy to operate, bypass the system to water flowers, for aquariums and cleaning when purified water is not needed
  8. Special salt level alarm technology, exact notification when softening salt has to be added
Unit Connection Flow rate Pressure Water production per regeneration Inlet temperature Resin liters High*Wide*Deep
Unit Inch m3/h BAR m3/h(100PPM) L mm
AWSCAB-10409 1 1.6 2-5 2.8 5-30 9 53*51*40
AWSCAB-10411 1 1.6 2-5 4.8 5-30 11 69.5*51*40
  1. Required inlet temperature: 5-30°, indoor use only
  2. Required inlet pressure: 0.2-0.4MPa, pressurized valve or pressure reducing valve must be installed if pressure limitations are exceeded or fall short
  3. Allow for a five-hole socket and floor drain at installation place (Power supply reserved for fully-automatic unit)