The central water filters of the Naturaquell NQ Series are equipped with carefully selected coconut active charcoal and natural zeolite, which can effectively eliminate bad odors as well as contaminants such as residual chlorine, impurities, particles, bacteria, suspended matter, algae and organic macromolecules in water. The filtered water is clear and thus prevents bacteria from entering the human body. The filters’ valves feature superior dust covers, the vessels are manufactured of aerospace materials to eliminate metal pollution. The full touch LCD screen allows for highly intelligent operation.

  1. LCD touch screen, automatic control valve
  2. UL certified resin tank UL
  3. Coconut active charcoal
  4. Natural zeolite filtering module
  5. Electronic flow meter
  6. Bypass system
  7. Rising pipe
  8. Multi-layer protective bodies
Product size Height1600xWidth275xDepth300 Working temperature 5-40℃
Media type Cocoanut active charcoal + zeolite Absolute humidity 70%
Total treatment 1200t Capacity 45L
Working flow rate 3.0t/h Valve inlet/outlet size 1 inch
Working voltage DC12V Drain pipe size 7/16 inch
Maximum working pressure 0.5MPa Minimum distance from wall 200mm
Recommended working pressure 0.2-0.4Mpa    
  1. Required inlet temperature: 5-30°, indoor use only
  2. Required inlet pressure: 0.2-0.4MPa, pressurized valve or pressure reducing valve must be installed if pressure limitations are exceeded or fall short
  3. Allow for a five-hole socket and floor drain at installation place (Power supply reserved for fully-automatic unit)