The central water purifier of the Naturaquell Main River series is a domestic water treatment system which combines a fully automatic control unit with a food-grade FRP tank and filters raw water through the built-in coconut- activated carbon- and quartz sand filter material. It can remove rust, sediment and suspended particulates, absorb organic compounds, residual chlorine and remove unpleasant odors and colors as well as other harmful substances, making water cleaner and healthier for families.

1.Innovative design and trendy appearance emphasize the eastern aesthetics of suppleness

2.Aerospace grade FRP tank, high stability, resistant to high and low temperatures

3.Intelligent full-touch screen control valve, easy to operate, with 72h power- cut memory restore function

4.Imported coconut shell- activated carbon, highly efficient adsorption of residual chlorine, organic compounds, unpleasant odors and colors in water

5.High-strength and pure natural quartz sand bed to remove suspended solids and colloidal impurities in water efficiently

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